Recover Memories from a Previous Life, so You Can Thrive in This One.

Learn from an Experienced Past Life Hypnotherapist

A Past Life Regression Hypnosis Workshop that Works Even for the Skeptics

Past-Life Regression is an intensive workshop designed to help people from all walks of life even including therapists, students, and spirituality enthusiasts to access the knowledge, skills, and technical approach they need to effectively learn about and experience Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

Join Us for a LIVE 3-hour program

For the first time, we are offering our most requested, in-demand, in-person training as a live, virtual workshop so, you can learn from anywhere.

Past-Life Regression Hypnosis is not a new or novel technique. It is a psycho-spiritual technique based on the idea that the experiences from our past lives impact our present.

Maybe you have already heard about Past-Life Regression and are curious to learn more…

Maybe you are looking into this amazing tool for healing

Or, you are just fascinated by spiritual psychotherapy and are eager to learn how past experiences impact present lives…

Maybe you are looking for answers- the reasons behind your pains, problems, fears, and feelings…

Or, just trying to find the meaning of life and your purpose…

EVEN IF, you have heard about PLR, but are super skeptical about it…

EVEN IF, you are just hearing about this for the first time…

This PLR Hypnosis Workshop is for You!

No matter where you stand with your knowledge of Hypnosis, Reincarnation and Past Life Regression, this program is designed to simplify the idea, process, and techniques, so you can master ways to unlock the past experiences that influence your present.

Past-Life Regression Hypnosis works.

Past-life regression work is a psychospiritual technique. It suggests that the roots of our emotional, physical, and psychic issues in this life lie in our past lives. A PLR hypnotist can help you uncover those memories so you can confront and resolve the issues in your current life.

It’s not magic. It’s a powerful modality for healing.

In the past few years, Past-Life Regression Hypnosis has become a hot topic for therapists and non-therapists alike.

● Non-therapists are interested in it because it’s fascinating and can be absolutely life-changing.

● Therapists are intrigued to learn more because this helps them discover the root of problems and help patients in a much deeper and effective way.

As a pragmatic person, I can tell you, you can put the technique to test and see how it astonishes you…

As deep thinkers, and open-minded searchers…

  • We believe in the role of childhood experiences in shaping our present lives.

  • We believe in identifying repeating patterns and their influence on our current relationships.

  • We believe there is definitely more than meets the eye.

PLR is a much deeper dive into your consciousness

  • Look deeper and reveal experiences from your past lifetimes.

  • To identify the causes of your problems and phobias and resolve them once and for all.

  • To get inspired by the positive experiences in your past lives so you can live more well-rounded lives in the present.

Discover Who You Were Before…

Join Us for a LIVE Past Life Regression Hypnosis Workshop

Can you imagine...

✔︎ Finding the deeper meaning and purpose of your life.

✔︎ Resolving long-standing patterns and issues in your present life.

✔︎ Understanding and healing your important relationships.

If yes, then the PLR hypnosis training program is all you need.

Again… It’s not a magical pill.

But when you do it right, PLR work of this type can take you on a magical journey that will transform your life forever.

And, my goal is to help you do it right!

Meet Your Instructor

Peter McLaughlin, CHt

Hi, I’m Peter, a certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with 15 years of experience working one to one with my clients. I trained at the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, NM, and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the NLP Center in New York City.

After a life-threatening diagnosis of leukemia changed my life, I set out on an odyssey to discover the power of our minds to create healing for illness, despair, and disappointment.

Today, I help people like you reprogram your mind so you can transform your life for good. I love sharing my free hypnosis recordings with my 100,000+ YouTube family. My goal is to help as many people as I can.

Why I designed this program?

The PLR Hypnosis Training is one of the most popular in-person programs that I have offered for many years. Since that is not possible (or safe) in the post-pandemic world, I am introducing the first-ever, LIVE training for Past-Life Regression Hypnosis.

Who is the program for?

While designing this course, I wanted to make everything simple and beginner-friendly so anyone interested in this fascinating topic can benefit from it.

● YOU!

● Healers and therapists

● Non-therapists

● Anyone interested in hypnosis, past-life regression, and spirituality

What’s included?

The 3-hours LIVE class delivered over Zoom

  • Part I:

    ● What is Reincarnation

    ● What is Past Life Regression PLR?

    ● Famous examples of people and their PL Experiences

    ● Examples of Past Life Regression in Film

    ● Karma and PLR

    ● How you can actually “change” the past

  • Part II:

    ● What are the healing uses of PLR with examples from my practice?

    ● How PL trauma can be undermining you and what you can do to fix things in the major areas of your life:

    ✔︎ Health

    ✔︎ Relationships

    ✔︎ Finances

    ● What is hypnosis?

    ● What is the role of “imagination”?

    ● How to use a pendulum?

    ● Using a pendulum to narrow the PLR focus.

  • Part III:

    ● Discussing and dealing with common fears of PLR.

    ● How to do a successful PLR?

    ● What it feels like?

    ● How do you access the past: visually, auditory, kinesthetic, "knowing"?

    ● What are the common blocks preventing PLR?

    ● How to overcome these blocks to successfully experience your PLR?

  • Bonuses:

    Not just that, you will also get….

    ✔︎ Group PLR Experience

    ✔︎ Debrief

    ✔︎ Q/A throughout the class

You will learn to…

  • Embrace your past and explore it more deeply to find the root of your problems, pains, and phobias.

  • How to identify and release old patterns keeping you stuck

  • Transform yourself by digging deep to find your purpose in life.

  • Leverage your knowledge and experience to take your exploration further.

Do you wish to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

Transform yourself in the deepest ways possible, today!

Enroll in the LIVE Past Life Regression Hypnosis Workshop